Ministry School

“Apostolic passion is dead in my heart when I dream more about sports, toys, places to go and people to see, than I do about the nations worshipping Jesus. I have lost it, too, when I make decisions based on the danger involved, not the glory God will get.” Floyd McClung”

Applications for the 2020 Ministry School ENSA open Friday, November 15, 2019

Looking back over the past 2 years since we launched the new upgraded Ministry School Every Nation Southern Africa (ENSA), we can say with confidence, backed by a lot of testimonies, that God’s grace is evident. We are convicted by Ephesians 4, where God defines the purpose of the five-fold ministry in a short paragraph, to “equip the saints for work of ministry”.

As part of our new developing Leadership Growth Path, our Ministry School ENSA serves as a finishing off school for leaders after having been raised and equipped within their local context.  Our best days are ahead of us. Let’s commit to be raised up as an army of leaders with Godly character who are well equipped and well defined, who together can change the world, one disciple and one nation at a time! With this great excitement, allow us to share the past two years’ success with you:


Ministry School Class 2018

We launched with 3 Tracks – Kids Ministry Track had 2 students; Campus Ministry Track had 6 students; and Church Planting Track had 7 students – a total of 15 students graduated. From this class in 2019, we have impacted South Africa; Namibia; Mozambique; Northwich, UK; and the Netherlands. We honour God as we now gratefully look back as every student that has been trained for church planting, have all been deployed and are on the ground making disciples and raising leaders. The result is new church plants in South Africa; Maputo, Mozambique; Utrecht, Netherlands; and Northwich, UK.

Ministry School Class 2019

We grew to 4 Tracks this year of which Kids Ministry Track had 6 students; Campus Ministry Track had 8 students; Church Plant Track had 5 students; and the new Administration Track had 26 students – a total of 44 students graduated. From this class in 2019, we have impacted South Africa; Namibia; Botswana; Netherlands; and Uganda. We are looking forward in faith to share with you what God will be doing through these amazing leaders. Watch this space…

Ministry School 2019 Recap

Click the link below for inspirational video testimonies from Ministry School Class 2019:



We are running 5 Tracks this year, namely Administration Track; Kids Ministry Track; Campus Ministry Track; Pastoral Track; and Church Plant Track. We are very excited about launching our new upgraded Pastoral Track for 2020.


As part of our regional Leadership Growth Path, our Ministry School serves as our region’s vehicle to equip called and identified leaders for the work of ministry. Our passion is to see the next generation of administrators, kids-, youth-, campus-, pastoral ministers, church planters, and everyone attending additional trainings, well equipped so that they can succeed. The priority and focus of our School is on EXPANDING an existing ministry or PIONEERING a new ministry or church/campus plant.

Expanding by empowering leaders that are called to go back into existing local churches to help cultivate a healthy and growing ministry locally. Pioneering by either being a lead planter confirmed through the Assessment Centre, or an active team member of a new plant. (Take note that only the lead campus or church/congregational planter is required to attend the Assessment Centre, preferably before they enrol for the School). To make this school even more effective, we have agreed that people coming to the school will need to know, before they arrive, where they are called to go, or what they will be doing when they return home. This will make our training much more focused and effective.

Lastly, the new Pastoral Track is earmarked for all full-time or part-time leaders with a clear pastoral sense and calling – people who currently oversee, or will be involved with pastoral ministries. Areas of focus will be on Marriage Enrichment, Parenting, Inner Healing, Singles Ministry, Weddings, Baby Dedications, Crisis Ministry, Social Responsibility, Pastoring into a disciple-making culture and so forth.  We are confident that these leaders will add health and growth to the local church as they are well equipped.