Application Process & Info


Click here to apply by completing the short online application form. Subsequent to the submission of your application, we will be on contact with you and your senior leader. What will follow is a thorough application process whereby we will empower your local leadership to help assess if this is what God has called you to do, and also to ascertain if this is the right time for your to participate in the Ministry School. Once you are accepted, all relevant communication will follow.


The School year will run from March 1 until we end with Graduation on September 10, 2020. The structure of this 7-month period will be dependent on the specific Track that you are applying for, and specifics will be communicated to you by your respective Track Dean at the start of the application process.

The Ministry School is mainly divided into two parts:

  • Pre-Training will run from March 1 until July 31, 2020 within your local context.
  • In-house Training will run from August 3 until September 10, 2020, and is divided into 2 parts.
    • Part 1 comprises decentralised on-the-job training where every track will be practically serving and where participants will undergo experiential learning in a pre-selected local church context. These locations will be communicated by every dean once your application is successful.
    • Part 2 is our centralised in-house training hosted by Tshwane where the trainings will continue as per track and some will be collaborative between tracks and the whole School.
  • Graduation – We will then end off on Thursday, September 10, with our annual highlight and moment of honour Graduation Ceremony, celebrating and commissioning the class of 2020.