Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What is the Assessment Centre?

The Every Nation Church Planter Assessment Centre is designed to accurately appraise the ability of a candidate/couple to serve as the lead pastor in a church plant. The Assessment process is about using relevant personality instruments, observing individuals through various platforms and asking behavioural questions to identify whether or not a candidate possesses the sixteen character qualities of being a church planter.


Should a candidate be sent to the Assessment Centre if the candidate only wants to plant a congregation, and not a stand-alone church?

We trust that we will grow healthy, thriving churches, congregations, and campus ministries. We also hope to plant churches that will plant more churches; congregations that will plant more congregations; and campuses that will plant more campuses. And this is based on having the right leaders in place. The Assessment Centre will serve by distinguishing whether the candidate possesses the qualities of being that kind of leader.


Will the Assessment Centre help distinguish other ministry leadership gifts, besides being a church planter?

Unfortunately, not. The Every Nation Church Planter Assessment Centre is a research-based process designed around specific activities; personality testing instruments; Assessment teams and interviews, to accurately identify the sixteen building blocks of being a church planter. To measure any other ministry gifts would demand a change in the entire process.


I have heard that the standard of the Assessment Centre is exceptionally high, and I am hesitant to send a potential candidate. What is the reason for this?

We have to ask ourselves, what is the highest price to pay. Do we send a couple with their recruited team to raise partnership, relocate with their families, unsuccessfully pioneer a church plant, and after several months (sometimes years) realise that this is not their best fit in ministry, and having to deal with the regret or disappointment? Or, do we send a potential candidate couple to the Assessment Centre to be assessed on a high standard, and know that they are the right leaders for the church plant, and to be trained effectively in the identified areas that were determined.
throughout the process.
To plant a church is not easy, and it requires the grace and calling on a leader to be
able to pioneer a plant. And we want to be faithful in preparing the right leaders
properly to plant healthy churches.
Having said this, each candidate who possesses the potential of being a church
planter will get substantial feedback and recommendations which will be sent to their
sending leaders which will aid in effective mentoring going forward. They will also be
trained and mentored through the ABC 3 .


What happens when I get a red?

Our primary advice for any person coming to Assessment Centre is the following:
“Please do not put your heart and soul on being a church planter. Set your heart on doing God’s will.”

In Christ, there is no pass or fail. This is not what Assessment Centre concludes. We are just assessing whether the building blocks are evident in the candidate’s life. If you get a red, it means a redirect. In other words, based on the entire process, we suggest that being the lead planter of a church plant will not be your best fit. It does not mean you are not fit for ministry overall. It does not mean that you may not be part of a church planting team, or that any ministry experience was a mistake. It just might mean that being the lead planter should not be your primary role. Based on the reason for our finding, it will be discussed with your sending church, and the final decision still lies with your sending church.


I am single, can I come to Assessment Centre?

This decision lies with your sending church whether this is the right step for you at this moment, based on the prerequisites, but we will not refuse you at all.


Not all candidates who came to Assessment Centre successfully planted a church. Is Assessment Centre then actually effective?

Assessment Centre is just the first part of a bigger church planting process, which we call ABC 3 : Assessment Centre, Bootcamp (which is our Ministry School), Coaching (which takes place between the candidate and their sending church who will assign a church planting coach), Consulting (which is a team who is sent in to consult the church when they face growth barriers) and finally Clusters (which is the clustering of churches within a specific region for continuous support, encouragement and alignment). As a candidate being assessed, you will still need training, coaching and support, and therefore we suggest you embrace the entire process. This will greatly increase the possibility of planting a healthy church.


I feel a call to church planting but I am unsure at the moment. Will this help me determine my calling?

Please take a look at the Prerequisites, and the sixteen building blocks of being a church planter, and discuss it with your senior leader. if you can reflect on these matters with authenticity and transparency, it will help you discern whether you are ready, or maybe still need some exposure and mentoring. Please remember, we want to put our hearts on doing God’s Will, and not on being a church planter.