Building Blocks

16 Building Blocks for Church Planters

Below are brief generalizations of each of the 16 characteristics we use to assess candidates throughout the Assessment Center. We believe these qualifications strongly influence the success of a church-, congregation- or campus planter.

General Ministry Qualifications:

Strong spiritual vitality



Stable emotional health and self-image


Healthy marriage and family support for church planting


Well-developed relational intelligence and ability

High level of integrity

Definite call to ministry

Obvious resilience and tenacity

Characterized by regular, deep times of connecting with God, vibrant prayer life, and clear evidence of the authority of Scripture in their thinking and conduct; reliance on God to do ministry through him/her; values relationship with Christ as more important than ministry success.

Demonstrated by insightful self-awareness; understands their owns strengths and blind-spots; demonstrates ability to accept and process criticism, freely affirm others, set and maintain healthy boundaries.

Relationship with spouse is open, loving, and shows a mutual reliance on God; growing, Christ-centered relationship with children; family is a clear priority; excitement, support, and commitment for ministry is shared.

Natural ability to connect well with others, solve interpersonal problems, listen well, and work productively in group settings; engaging communicator.

Clearly committed to honesty, truthfulness, and authenticity; will do the right thing at high personal cost; shows financial responsibility.

Demonstrates a strong sense of God’s calling on their life to start a new church; validated in previous ministry experience.

Ability to follow through in difficult circumstances; finds creative solutions to problems; persists in hope, enthusiasm, and hard work.

Specific Church-Planting Ministry Qualifications:

Exceptional leadership ability


Zealous evangelistic bent


Dynamic public ministry skills


Experienced entrepreneurial capability


Courageous faith


Track record of productivity


Proficient knowledge of church planting & church health


Clear and compelling vision and philosophy of ministry


Habitually reproduces disciples and leaders

Characterized by ability to communicate compelling vision; build committed teams; quickly build influence; motivate self and others to achieve objectives; manage momentum.

Demonstrates clear passion to share the Gospel with those disconnect from God; practices a lifestyle of evangelism regularly and effectively sharing their faith; inspires and teaches others to do the same.

Preaches with vitality and power of the Holy Spirit; communicates deep Biblical truth with clarity and insightful application; easily establishes and maintains connection with audience; flexible with different styles and settings.

Consistent history of starting successful ministries/ventures; ability to gather necessary people and resources, organize and carry out plans, creatively solve problems; always looking for new opportunities.

Willingness to sacrifice for their God-given vision; reliance on God in the face of personal risk; sees and is motivated by Kingdom results; ultimately trusts God for ministry outcomes.

Previous ministry responsibilities characterized overall by growth and productivity; work ethic demonstrates efficiency, initiative, and follow-through; appreciates a challenge and is willing to work hard to see results.

Has ministry experience in a church plant and/or a healthy, growing church; understands basic church planting and church health principles; attended relevant, quality conferences; read pertinent church planting/church health books.

Demonstrates a resonance with their target community and the ability to contextualize the Gospel in it; they can clearly communicate how the new church will function in the community and have a thorough plan and timeline for establishing a ministry presence.

Can specifically identify people they have developed as leaders; demonstrates a regular practice of identifying and intentionally discipling others, who in turn do the same.