Pastoral Track


Ministry in Every Nation should come out of our vision statement: “Every Nation is a worldwide family of churches and ministries that exists to honour God by establishing Christ-centred, Spirit-empowered, Socially responsible churches and campus ministries in every nation.” Many times it seems as if we forget that what we do must be Spirit-empowered, and therefore we fall for the traps set by the enemy to become very “Goal-focused” that we forget to do what we do, IN HIM, THROUGH HIM and FOR HIM. In this Track, we will help students identify key areas for self-growth in different topics.

We want to present students with the opportunity to grow in different areas of ministry for the purpose of building a generational legacy in the Every Nation world. One of the most important aspects of leading, serving or managing in Church is to equip oneself to self-lead and to be honest enough to recognise problems in “self” first, before trying to assist others in those areas.

In the Ministry School’s Pastoral Track, we want to ensure that our students deal with a broad variety of topics that will allow growth in the individual and will grant the student an opportunity to gain a good understanding of the different aspects of ministry that might fall under the description of “Pastoral Ministries”.


  • Being a Healthy Leader
  • Church Health
  • Church Management
  • Preaching
  • Basic Counselling
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Pre-marital / Weddings / Funerals, etc.


  • Church Approval. Applicant must be signed off by his/her senior leader to attend the Ministry School.
  • Participation in the Discipleship Growth Path. Have been discipled through the One2One booklet and are also making disciples.
  • Has done Ministry Internship.
  • Has completed Leadership 215. (Can be completed while doing the School in consultation with your senior leader)
  • Currently involved in the ministry area of the Track that you are being applied for. (At least one year experience).


Phase 2: In-house Training

In-house Training will run from August 3 until September 10, 2020. This will primarily be hosted at the Every Nation Tshwane venue under the leadership of the ALT Southern Africa.

Apostolic Passion & School of Healing

Apostolic Passion: As of 2020, we will run an Apostolic Passion for all School applicants, ensuring that a deep lasting passion for souls and nations marks every student. We have decided to divide the School’s Apostolic Passion in two parts. Part 1 will be a two-day In-house Training, May 4 – 5, in collaboration with the BUILD Conference, May 6 – 8, that will be compulsory for all 2020 students to participate and serve. Part 2 of the Apostolic Passion for all School applicants will once again be done In-house from September 2 – 4.

School of Healing (SOH) Ministry School Specific will, for the first time, be an official part of the annual School – specifically for the students. We believe that healthy people will lead and build healthy ministries. We are truly excited about this. The SOH will run from August 30 – September 1, 2020.