When Jesus commissioned us to GO and preach the Gospel to every nation, He meant for us to GO to the children too. On our continent, nearly 50% of the population is made up of children. As a Kids Minister, you are uniquely poised to change the world, and our hope is that in doing the Kids Ministry Track, you will be affirmed in your calling, inspired with God’s heart for kids and equipped with the skills to reach and disciple the children in every nation. Read More


Hello all future Youth pastors and leaders.

It is such a big honour and privilege to be part of the Youth Ministry Track and to make sure that the youth of Southern Africa will be reached with the Gospel of Jesus through making disciples, raising leaders and planting churches and campus ministries… and also Spirit-empowered youth ministries all over our beautiful nation and beyond. Read More


Campus Ministry has always been a core focus of who we are and what we do as a movement. We believe that the future leaders of our society are on campus. As we reach the campuses with the Gospel and disciple the next generation of leaders, we have the opportunity to impact the nations of the world. Read More


Ministry in Every Nation should come out of our vision statement: “Every Nation is a worldwide family of churches and ministries that exists to honour God by establishing Christ-centred, Spirit-empowered, Socially responsible churches and campus ministries in every nation.” Many times it seems as if we forget that what we do must be Spirit-empowered, and therefore we fall for the traps set by the enemy to become very “Goal-focused” that we forget to do what we do, IN HIM, THROUGH HIM and FOR HIM. In this Track, we will help students identify key areas for self-growth in different topics. Read More


You can expect to be better equipped and inspired to make disciples and plant churches – either as a lead pastor that will pioneer a new church plant, or as a leader called to expand the church plant that you are apart of. We will help you to write up a Church Planting plan, based on the Every Nation Church Planting Process, ABC3. Read More


Administration is a spiritual gift God has given to certain members of the body of Christ to understand clearly the immediate and long-range goals of the church and to devise and execute effective plans for the accomplishment of those goals. The spiritual gift of administration has to do with guiding the affairs of the church. The person with this gift has management ability. The administrator accepts the goals set by others and devises and executes plans to accomplish these goals. Often a person with this gift is characterised as able to direct and motivate people and coordinate their activities. Often, but not always, people with the gift of administration also have the gift of leadership. Read More