Youth Ministry Track


Please note that there will be no Youth Ministry Track in 2020!

Hello all future Youth Pastors and Leaders.

It is such a big honour and privilege to be part of the Youth Ministry Track and to make sure that the youth of Southern Africa will be reached with the Gospel of Jesus through making disciples, raising leaders and planting churches and campus ministries… and also Spirit-empowered youth ministries all over our beautiful nation and beyond.

We will be looking at building character, true reflections of God’s Word and a clear understanding of how the Gospel can be contextualised for the next generation, so that they will be able to fly higher, run faster and build greater youth movements, that can be transferred into amazing future campus leaders and ministries.


  • Church Approval. Applicant must be signed off by his/her senior leader to attend the Ministry School.
  • Participation in the Discipleship Growth Path. Have been discipled through the One2One booklet and are also making disciples.
  • Has done Ministry Internship.
  • Has completed Leadership 215. (Can be completed while doing the School in consultation with your senior leader)
  • Currently involved in the ministry area of the Track that you are being applied for. (At least one year experience).